Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MLS Weekend Roundup and SRS Rankings

Let's see how last weekend's predictions turned out:

Houston 4 D.C. United 1 (Prediction:  Hou 2 DC 1  Points: +10)
Philadelphia 1 San Jose 0 (Prediction:  Phi 1 SJ 0 Points: +30)
Columbus 2 Vancouver 1 (Prediction:  Col 3 Van 0 Points:  +10)
New York 1 Kansas City 0 (Prediction:  NY 3 KC 1 Points:  +10)
Colorado 1 Chicago 1 (Prediction:  Col 3 Chic 1 Points:  -10)
Seattle 3 Toronto FC 0 (Prediction:  Sea 2 Tor 1 Points:  +10)
Portland 1 Real Salt Lake 0 (Prediction:  Por 2 RSL 2 Points:  -10)
Chivas USA 3 New England 0 (Prediction:  Chiv 0 NE 1 Points:  -10)
FC Dallas 2 Los Angeles 1 (Prediction:  FCD 1 LA 1 Points:  -10)

Total score:  +30 pts so I rebounded nicely from the previous weekend's score of -60.  Predicted 5 of 9 outcomes and one game score correctly.

Here are predictions for Wednesday's 2 matches:

DC United 1 Seattle 2
Houston 1 Colorado 0

After the jump, the latest SRS rankings:

Team   MOV   SOS   SRS  Change
New York1.1430.1771.320-0.049
Real Salt Lake1.200-0.0991.101-0.905
Los Angeles0.222-0.0900.133-0.290
Chivas USA0.286-0.342-0.0560.408
FC Dallas0.000-0.202-0.2020.326
San Jose-0.5710.365-0.206-0.056
Kansas City-0.5000.004-0.4960.197
New England-0.500-0.051-0.551-0.481
D.C. United-0.8570.063-0.794-0.443
Toronto FC-0.750-0.266-1.016-0.239

Like last week, one game had a big impact on the rankings, Portland's 1-0 upset of RSL.  RSL still seem to be recovering from their loss at home in the CONCACAF Champions League final.  The big drop in their SRS is primarily due to sample size.  This is only the 5th MLS match of the season for them.  They have the highest MOV so should still be considered one of the top teams in the league.

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