Thursday, May 19, 2011

Premier League Predictions - Past and Future

I realized that I forgot to recap last weekend's predictions so here is the recap:

     Predicted Score       Actual ScorePts
Blackburn Rovers1Manchester United1Blackburn Rovers1Manchester United1 30
Blackpool1Bolton Wanderers1Blackpool4Bolton Wanderers3-10
Sunderland2Wolverhampton Wanderers1Sunderland1Wolverhampton Wanderers3-10
West Bromwich Albion1Everton2West Bromwich Albion1Everton0-10
Chelsea2Newcastle United0Chelsea2Newcastle United2-10
Arsenal2Aston Villa1Arsenal1Aston Villa2-10
Birmingham City1Fulham1Birmingham City0Fulham2-10
Liverpool2Tottenham Hotspur1Liverpool0Tottenham Hotspur2-10
Wigan Athletic2West Ham United2Wigan Athletic3West Ham United2-10
Manchester City1Stoke City0Manchester City3Stoke City0 10

So not a good week.  Had the correct outcome on 2 of 10 matches and had 1 correct score.  Let's see if we can do better this weekend:

Predicted Score
Blackburn Rovers1Manchester United1
Blackpool1Bolton Wanderers1
Sunderland2Wolverhampton Wanderers1
West Bromwich Albion1Everton2
Chelsea2Newcastle United0
Arsenal2Aston Villa1
Birmingham City1Fulham1
Liverpool2Tottenham Hotspur1
Wigan Athletic2West Ham United2
Manchester City1Stoke City0

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