Monday, May 23, 2011

Premier League Season Wrapup

The season ended on Sunday with Manchester United as champions for the 19th time.  Chelsea and Manchester City rounded out the top three with Arsenal fading into the 4th and final Champions League spot.  Tottenham finished strong to grab 5th place and a spot in the Europa league season.  At the bottom, Birmingham and Blackpool joined West Ham as the teams relegated to the Championship.  Here is a recap of my predictions for the final weekend:

Predicted ScoreActual ScorePts
Aston Villa 1Liverpool 1Aston Villa 1Liverpool 0-10
Bolton Wanderers 1Manchester City 1Bolton Wanderers 0Manchester City 2-10
Everton 1Chelsea 2Everton 1Chelsea 0-10
Fulham 1Arsenal 2Fulham 2Arsenal 2-10
Manchester United 3Blackpool 1Manchester United 4Blackpool 2 15
Newcastle  United 3West Bromwich Albion 2Newcastle United 3West Bromwich Albion 3-10
Stoke City 2Wigan Athletic 1Stoke City 0Wigan Athletic 1-10
Tottenham Hotspur 2Birmingham City 1Tottenham Hotspur 2Birmingham City 1 30
West Ham United 1Sunderland 1West Ham United 0Sunderland 3-10
Wolverhampton Wanderers  2Blackburn Rovers 1Wolverhampton Wanderers 2Blackburn Rovers 3-10
Total  -35

Not a strong finish for me, predicting only 2 of 10 outcomes correctly and one score correctly.  No more predictions or projections for this league until next season, but stay tuned for more stats as I reveal the best and worst teams in several categories in future posts.

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