Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MLS Week 16 Recap

Had a pretty good week with my predictions as you can see below:

Predicted Score
Actual Score
Toronto FC 1Vancouver 1Toronto FC 1Vancouver 0-10
D.C. United 1Philadelphia 2D.C. United 2Philadelphia 2-10
FC Dallas 1Columbus 0FC Dallas 2Columbus 0 10
Chivas USA 1Chicago 1Chivas USA 1Chicago 1 30
San Jose 1New York 1San Jose 2New York 2 20
Portland 3Kansas City 2Portland 1Kansas City 2-10
Colorado 1Houston 1Colorado 0Houston 0 20
Real Salt Lake 2New England 0Real Salt Lake 3New England 3-10
Los Angeles 1Seattle 1Los Angeles 0Seattle 0 20
For the week I had correct predictions for 5 of 9 outcomes and 1 score.  My accuracy for the year is up to 41.8% on outcomes and 10.0% on scores.

The MLS has four mid-week games, all being played tonight.  Here are my predictions for those matches:

Predicted Score
New York 2Toronto FC 1
Kansas City 1Colorado 0
Vancouver 1Columbus 0
Chivas USA 1San Jose 1

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