Monday, March 21, 2011

League Championship 3/19 Results

For measuring the accuracy of my predictions I've decided to adopt the scoring system from the "I Know the Score" game on the Barclay's Premier League website.  Let's see how I fared for my Championship predictions.

Millwall 3 Cardiff City 3
I predicted a 1-1 draw so +20 points for me.

Middlesborough 2 Watford 1
I predicted the opposite result so -10 points.  This loss may come back to haunt Watford as I'm now projecting them to finish outside of the playoffs.

Preston North End 2 Coventry City 1
Again I predicted the opposite result so -10 points.

Crystal Palace 2 Derby County 2
Predicted a 1-0 victory for Palace so -10 again.

Barnsley 0 Reading 1
Predicted a 1-1 draw (-10 pts).  Reading's victory solidifies their projected position in the playoffs and puts them within shouting distance of 2nd place.

Doncaster Rovers 0 Queens Park Rangers 1
Exactly what I predicted - +30 points!

Ipswich Town 2 Scunthorpe United 0
Predicted a 1-1 draw (-10 pts)

Leicester City 0 Portsmouth 1
Predicted a 2-1 victory for Leicester (-10 pts)

Sheffield United 2 Leeds United 0
Probably the biggest upset of the day.  Predicted a 2-1 victory for Leeds (-10 pts).

Swansea City 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Predicted a 1-0 victory for Swansea.  Correct outcome and correct goal differential is worth 15 points.  Despite the loss, Forest scored 2 goals against a tough Swansea defense.  This gives them a boost in my ratings and I have them projected back in the playoffs.

Bristol City 2 Burnley 0
Predicted a 2-1 victory for Burnley (-10 pts).

Hull City 1 Norwich City 1
Nailed this one (+30 pts)!

So based on the Barclay's scoring system, my performance for the week was +15 points so a little better than breakeven.  I will post updated projections for the table and playoffs in my next entry.

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