Wednesday, March 16, 2011

League Championship Match Day 37 Results

This post is overdue as a result of life getting in the way.  I'll be comparing my predictions for last weekend's games with the actual game results using the following scale:

Correct score:  2 points
Correct result:  1 point

Please note that the home team is listed first.

Leeds United vs Ipswich Town
Prediction:  Leeds 2 Ipswich 2
Actual Score:  Leeds 0 Ipswich 0
I'll give myself a point for guessing the correct result.  The score is surprising since Leeds has the highest scoring average at home with 2.105 goals per game.  They also allow 1.632 goals per game at home, making them one of the most exciting teams to watch at home if you like a lot of scoring.

Derby County vs Swansea City
Prediction:  Derby 1 Swansea 1
Actual Score:  Derby 2 Swansea 1
Missed the result and the score so no points for my prediction.  Consider that a point lost for Swansea in the standings which can come back to bite them at season's end.  They have a shot at finishing second and earning automatic promotion, but will most likely end up in the playoffs instead where anything can happen.

Queens Park Rangers vs Crystal Palace
Prediction:  QPR 3 Palace 0
Actual Score:  QPR 2 Palace 1
One point for the correct result.  QPR continues their drive to return to the Premier league for the first time since 1996, assuming they are not penalized too severely for their recent FA charges.

Reading vs Preston North End
Prediction:  Reading 2 Preston 1
Actual Score:  Ooops!  I missed the fact that this game was rescheduled due to Reading's FA Cup match with Manchester City.

Burnley vs Millwall
Prediction:  Burnley 2 Millwall 1
Actual Score:  Burnley 0 Millwall 3

Watford vs Sheffield United
Prediction:  Watford 2 Sheffield 1
Actual Score:  Watford 3 Sheffield 0
One point for the result.  Sheffield is the lowest scoring team in the league at 0.865 goals/game overall and 0.684/game on the road.

Coventry City vs Hull City
Predicition:  Coventry 1 Hull 1
Actual score:  Coventry 0 Hull 1

Scunthorpe United vs Leicester City
Prediction:  Scunthorpe 1 Leicester 1
Actual Score:  Scunthorpe 0 Leicester 3
Scunthorpe is tied with Preston for most home goals allowed at 1.722/game

Nottingham Forest vs Doncaster Rovers
Prediction:  Forest 2 Rovers 1
Actual Score:  Forest 0 Rovers 0
No points for my prediction and a lost point for Forest.  Back in early February they appeared to be a lock for second place in the table.  Since then they have won only once in nine matches and are now struggling to hold on to a playoff spot.

Portsmouth vs Middlesbrough
Prediction:  Portsmouth 2 Middlesbrough 1
Actual Score:  Portsmouth 0 Middlesbrough 0

Cardiff City vs Barnsley
Prediction:  Cardiff 2 Barnsley 1
Actual Score:  Cardiff 2 Barnsley 2
That's two points lost in the final projected standings for Cardiff.

Norwich City vs Bristol City
Prediction:  Norwich 2 Bristol 2
Actual Score:  Norwich 3 Bristol 1

Not a good week for my predictions.  Zero on the game scores and only three correct on the game result for three points total.

There were three games on March 15 which I did not have a chance to predict.  I will be including these in my next projection of the league table.

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