Thursday, April 28, 2011

Premier League SRS Rankings

These rankings include the midweek matches from Tuesday and Wednesday:

Team   MOV   SOS   SRS  Change
Manchester United1.147-0.0341.1130.004
Manchester City0.6360.0060.6420.000
Tottenham Hotspur0.242-0.0290.214-0.024
Bolton Wanderers0.0290.0270.056-0.036
Stoke City0.000-0.004-0.0040.063
Newcastle United0.029-0.051-0.022-0.025
Aston Villa-0.3530.000-0.3530.006
West Bromwich Albion-0.4410.025-0.4160.025
Blackburn Rovers-0.4410.010-0.4310.011
Birmingham City-0.5000.014-0.486-0.129
West Ham United-0.6470.028-0.619-0.039
Wolverhampton Wanderers-0.6760.057-0.620-0.055
Wigan Athletic-0.6760.032-0.645-0.053

This late in the season, changes in MOV will be the biggest drivers of changes in SRS.  SOS won't change much when each team has over 30 matches played.  This is proven out by the results of the Liverpool/Birmingham match over the weekend, won by the Reds 5-0.   The 5-goal margin allows Liverpool to move ahead of Tottenham in the rankings.  Could this be a precursor to a similar move in the table?  The Reds are only three points behind the Spurs at the moment.  That same margin hurts Birmingham's SRS by an equivalent amount and they drop 3 spots in the rankings.

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