Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marginal Goal Analysis - Los Angeles Galaxy

Since my latest projection has Los Angeles winning the MLS Cup, I thought that it was time to do a marginal goal analysis for the Galaxy.  Here are the results for players with significant playing time through their 21 MLS matches:

PlayerPrimary PositionMinutesGSGAGS90GA90GD90MGS90MGA90MGD90
Todd DunivantD189027161.2860.7620.524-0.006-0.0080.003
Sean FranklinD166424151.2980.8110.4870.0070.041-0.035
Omar GonzalezD160924111.3420.6150.7270.051-0.1550.206
A.J. DeLaGarzaD154722141.2800.8140.465-0.0110.044-0.056
David BeckhamM133820111.3450.7400.6050.054-0.0300.084
Juan Pablo AngelF131218131.2350.8920.343-0.0570.122-0.178
Mike MageeM12052081.4940.5980.8960.202-0.1720.375
Chris BirchallM120316121.1970.8980.299-0.0940.128-0.222
Chad BarrettF118216111.2180.8380.381-0.0730.068-0.141
Landon DonovanF11541871.4040.5460.8580.112-0.2240.337
Miguel LópezM8961441.4060.4021.0040.115-0.3680.483

Miguel Lòpez has the highest MGD90 and MGA90 scores of any player I've rated so far.  When he's on the field, the Galaxy shuts down their opponents.  He also has been an effective contributor to their offense.  Sticking out like a sore thumb is Chris Birchall's stat line.  When he is on the field, the Galaxy are at their least effective both at scoring goals and preventing goals.  I think that giving more midfield playing time to Lòpez and more bench time to Birchall will make the Galaxy a stronger team.  Birchall may be getting more bench time anyway after this vicious tackle.

Of the three teams I have rated (Real Salt Lake and New York the others), only LA has three players (Lòpez, Mike Magee and Landon Donovan) with MGD90's above 0.300.  I'm especially pleased to see the high rating for Donovan who is generally considered the best player in the MLS.  To me this is validation that marginal goals are an effective way to measure a player's contribution to his team.

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