Monday, March 21, 2011

Premier League Results 3/19 - 3/20

As I mentioned in my League Championship post, I will be using the "I Know the Score" scoring system from the Barclay's EPL website to evaluate my predictions.  Here are the results for last weekend's matches:

Tottenham Hotspur 0 West Ham United 0
Predicted a 2-1 Spurs victory so I get -10 points.

Aston Villa 0 Wolverhamption Wanderers 1
Predicted Villa would win 2-1 so -10 pts again.  The Wolves are steadily improving.  Currently in the relegation zone, their record is deceiving.  They have played the toughest schedule in the league thus far with an SOS of 0.087.  They do not have to play any of the top 5 teams in their remaining games.  With the three points gained here, I project that they will finish 14th and be safe from relegation.

Blackburn Rovers 2 Blackpool 2
Predicted a 2-1 victory for Blackburn in the "Black" derby.  Another -10 points.

Man United 1 Bolton 0
Predicted a 3-0 victory for United.  Correct outcome but missed on the goal differential.  That's worth +10 points.

Stoke City 4 Newcastle 0
Wow!  Predicted a 1-1 draw (-10 pts).  Season-high output for Stoke.

West Brom 2 Arsenal 2
Predicted a 3-1 Arsenal victory (-10 pts).  The extra point West Brom gains is enough to pull them clear of relegation in my latest projection.

Wigan 2 Birmingham 1
Predicted the opposite result (-10 pts).  Birmingham loses 3 points is now projected to fall into the relegation zone.

Everton 2 Fulham 1
Predicted a 1-1 draw (-10 pts)

Sunderland 0 Liverpool 2
Expected a 2-1 victory for Sunderland (-10 pts)

Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1
Predicted a 1-1 draw (-10 pts).  Chelsea pulls 1 point clear of City in the current table.  I now project that they will finish 7 points ahead and lock in the final Champions League group spot.

Overall a really tough week for my predictions.  Only guessed 1 outcome correctly in 10 matches.  Total points earned:  -80 :(

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